Yellow Helicopters;
We do not speak of a park where one would normally bring a dog. We do not believe in the existence of any dark hooded figures or angels who only tell lies and also do not exist.


finally buckling down on requests aaahaha

this is for tamikasarmy, who asked for platonic dancing w/ cecil and dana!! also bffs totally go galaxy print shopping together

vest and leggings both from whatwouldcecilwear


god help me I love nerd!carlos so much and i’ve always headcanoned him as a snarky high school brainiac SO InitialA’s super fun fic, The Devil Made Me Do It, really hit every Carlos weakness I have.

you guys should go read it, it’s really cute and i love their take on Carlos so much i was inspired to make a comic out of my favorite bit in the fic.


The Man in the Tan Jacket

headcanon theme - [x]

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The Hair


Draws another three eyes white cecil #wtnv #doodles


an ode to my favorite entry @ whatwouldcecilwear


my babs are movin’ in togetherrrrrrrrr (x)(x)


Welcome to Night Vale released a surprise, double-length live episode called Condos. I did the cover art, which was very exciting.

Get it for as little as $1 HERE!

Happy Valentines!


Cecil is too cute~