Yellow Helicopters;
We do not speak of a park where one would normally bring a dog. We do not believe in the existence of any dark hooded figures or angels who only tell lies and also do not exist.

Attention Listeners,

Sorry about the dead blog I am willing to give it to someone else to run or I will be closing it down.

I am still involved in the fandom but I’ve been posting it to my main blog lately and I have so many other blogs I’m running and I get so into other fandoms and ahhh.
I’m sorry again.


finally buckling down on requests aaahaha

this is for tamikasarmy, who asked for platonic dancing w/ cecil and dana!! also bffs totally go galaxy print shopping together

vest and leggings both from whatwouldcecilwear


god help me I love nerd!carlos so much and i’ve always headcanoned him as a snarky high school brainiac SO InitialA’s super fun fic, The Devil Made Me Do It, really hit every Carlos weakness I have.

you guys should go read it, it’s really cute and i love their take on Carlos so much i was inspired to make a comic out of my favorite bit in the fic.


The Man in the Tan Jacket

headcanon theme - [x]

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The Hair


Draws another three eyes white cecil #wtnv #doodles

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an ode to my favorite entry @ whatwouldcecilwear


my babs are movin’ in togetherrrrrrrrr (x)(x)


Welcome to Night Vale released a surprise, double-length live episode called Condos. I did the cover art, which was very exciting.

Get it for as little as $1 HERE!

Happy Valentines!